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    What are specialty contact lenses?

    Specialty contact lenses are used to treat difficult and/or complicated vision needs. Each contact lens is specifically designed to match the unique curvature of your eyes. You may be a good candidate if you have or experience any one of the following:

    • Certain eye diseases like keratoconus or pellucid
    • Contact lens intolerance from dry eye or other problems
    • Decreased or distorted vision from a previous surgery
    • High amounts of astigmatism
    • Difficulty focusing on near objects due to age

    What types of contact lenses are fit?

    Many eye conditions cannot be treated with glasses, surgery, or traditional contact lenses, making specialty contact lenses the best option. Typically, rigid gas-permeable lenses are the treatment of choice for complex vision needs. They provide optimal vision and are a healthy, non-surgical means of correction. However, custom soft contact lenses might be the best treatment in some situations.

    What about the cost?

    In most cases, we are able to go through your medical insurance to cover part or all of the fitting fee. Some medical insurances also help cover the cost of the contact lenses themselves, which vary in price. To set up an appointment, please call us at 801-892-8222.