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Mummified Eye Doctor

Remember learning about mummies in elementary school? You may have even seen one at a museum. They were almost always pharaohs and queens. You may be surprised to find out that a mummy in Spain was an eye doctor. Among the pharaohs, queens and elites of Egyptian society was Nespamedu, a priest and also likely… Read More

The Environment Impact of Contact Lenses

Have you ever wondered how many contact lenses get thrown away every year? 45 million Americans wear contacts, many of whom use daily disposable contacts. Contacts are small but, if not properly disposed of, can have a huge impact. A study of 400 contact wearers showed that 20 percent of them flushed or washed their contacts… Read More

Live Longer with Cataract Surgery

There are obvious benefits to having cataract surgery. The main reason: being able to see, again. A 2017 JAMA Ophthalmology study showed that there was a 60 percent lower chance of death when patients had their cataracts removed. It was a 20-year-long study, done among 74,044 women aged 65 and older, all with cataracts. 41,735… Read More

Mayo Clinic Documentary

“The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science” will be broadcast on PBS on Sept. 25 at 9/8c. “According to PBS, the documentary will take a timely look at how one institution has met the changing demands of health care,” Judith Anderson, director of Mayo Clinic Alumni Relations said, “The two-hour documentary is executive-produced by… Read More

Smartphones, Blue Light and Your Eyes

Are you worried about your vision when you check your Instagram? A recent study from the University of Toledo showed that blue light from a screen is not actually causing any damage. Rumors flooded the internet recently claiming that blue light from smartphones was blinding people. The researchers studied blue light’s effect on retinal, a… Read More

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